Fundamentals of Modular Cabinet Making

Fundamentals of modular cabinet-making seminars typically cover the essential concepts and techniques in designing and constructing modular cabinets. While I can provide a general overview, attending an actual seminar or workshop led by an expert in the field would provide a more comprehensive and hands-on learning experience.

Here are some key topics that may be covered in a seminar on modular cabinet making:


1. Design
 -Perspective and 2D drawings
 -Strength Analysis
2. Layout
 -Site lay-out (Electrical & plumbing)
3. Materials preparation

               -Types of Materials used
4. Production

               - Cuttinglist & Board optimization
               - Machine operation
               - Edge banding
               - Trimming
               - Assembly
5. Installation
6. Finishing retouches
7. Costing
       8.) How to start your Modular Cabinet Making Business

               - Sales and Marketing
Less 500 for early Bird Until June 15,2023
SEMINAR WILL COST 4,000 pesos only
SEMINAR will start on August 19-20, 2023

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Fundamentals of modular cabinet making seminar