A modular kitchen cabinet maximizing storage space under the sink and another one under the oven. The appliance is purposefully placed there for efficiency.

The Top 5 Trends In Modular Kitchen Cabinet Design

A modular kitchen cabinet can be responsible for much of your home remodeling goals. Now, you may imagine this to involve just wood, marble, stainless steel finishing, etc. In recent years, this is no longer the case especially with modular cabinets. Nowadays, smart technology is becoming quite a trend. On top of this, we now live in a decade where kitchen makeovers demand serious decorating. People are now turning their attention to beautifully crafted kitchen furniture.

Modular kitchen designs are shaping how houses and offices are being made. This makes customization and stylishness a lot easier to do to open up customers to a wide variety of options. With this in mind, related trends are popping up, new services are offered, and the possibilities become endless.

  1. Enclosed kitchens are outdated

Kitchens used to exist as some kind of food factory for the house – enclosed and disconnected. However, this is no longer the case when modular kitchens came into the picture and became a form of living space and not just a cooking area.

As a living space, kitchens are now designed to look warm and inviting. This means enough space is allotted for appliances, utensils and other equipment without looking cramped. Pair spacious functionality with modern design and you have a perfectly modern kitchen.

Various utensils are being stored in a drawer with an organizer. The organizer is made of wood to complement the modular cabinet and floor finishing.

  1. Smart Kitchens

With the rise of smartphones, laptops, and related technology, smart kitchens come as no surprise. Smartphones may now be able to ‘talk’ to refrigerators, lights, and air-conditioners so you can control them remotely.

Smart kitchens also allow us to conveniently position our smartphones or tablets so we can watch videos while cooking or baking. This means that kitchens are now designed to be more accommodating of the new devices. Modern modular cabinet designs may have a designated docking stations for speakers and charging stations for phones.

  1. Granite and marble intensive designs are no longer trendy

Many brands have succeeded in the global market and has allowed customer choices to grow. The growth has been enough to shift customers from the traditional rectangular marble and granite kitchens with upper wall cabinets to kitchens using quartz. This is because quartz has is just as reliable when compared to marble and granite, but less costly.

On top of this, new technology paved the way for several new textures and colors for quartz. With practicality features like these, quartz is expected to steal some of granite and marble’s popularity.

  1. The open modular kitchen cabinet revolution

As technology improves, design modernizes. Cabinetry is now trending towards being ‘lean’ where bulky designs are avoided and functionality is ensured. Some trends today include motorized cabinets, open cabinets, and built-in accent cabinets.

Open modular kitchen cabinets help you store kitchenware while displaying them at the same time. Being something to store things with does not have to be boring. Consider materials with the right texture to keep your modular kitchen looking lively. Also, try to match textures with the right colors. White, gray and dark colors are some you can play around with to be safe and stay trendy.

  1. LED lighting for kitchens

It is good to light up your drawers and workstations for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Looking for that spatula or knife can be that much easier with proper lighting. The trend nowadays is LED.

Good LED lighting also enhances the look of your cabinets’ colors and complements a modern look very well.

Trends in cabinetry have really evolved over the past few years. The rise of smart technology, the changing customer preferences, and the overall trend towards customization have certainly changed the modular cabinet industry. Whether you are planning to build a new home or simply renovate your kitchen, the trends mentioned should help you make a theme for that perfect modular kitchen. Should you need help with matching colors and textures, consult your local cabinet maker or interior designer.

What do you think about the latest trends today. This 2018, do you feel there are new trends emerging? Feel free to let us know if we missed anything in the comments section below.

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