About Us

A.R. Kitchen Cabinet Design  was founded in 2018 and solely owned by Dennis Rosos where the housing industry boom in the Philippines crossed paths with the digital age.

In a time when condominiums and townhouses are sprouting in every neighborhood, the furniture business has continued to grow and evolve. Now, the industry includes styles from brands from various countries maintaining international standards.

There is no better time for Filipinos to boost the hospitality they are so well-known for that today. With this trend, furniture businesses have risen to satisfy the needs of the meticulous Filipino homeowner.

In the bustling cities of the Philippines, the kitchen is becoming the heart of every home. The needs of the typical household are becoming more complex and people are now looking for highly functional yet aesthetic furniture pieces.

We at A.R. Kitchen Cabinet Design are intent on bringing you only the best furniture brands so you get the most out of every piece.


Our business aims to provide well designed, highly customizable cabinet furniture pieces to make staying at home more enjoyable.


To be the most customer-centric partner for home improvements.

Core Values

Our products can only go as far as our core values allow. No matter which of our product you avail, our core values will always go with it.


Whatever your needs at home may be, we will cater to them with our variety of furniture designs and materials.

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Reliability and Honesty

We provide comprehensive servicing from the ordering of products to assembling these at your location.

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Knowledge-sharing and Culture

Knowledge of industry trends is shared so you get more than just the product, but also our expertise with every purchase you make.

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Continuous Service

Our service does not walk out the door with the products you purchase. We ensure projects are finished and would love to get feedback to listen to what you have in mind.

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Devotion to Craft

A job well done will only be the beginning of our journey with you. Our team is dedicated to keeping on improving to bring you only the highest quality of materials and services that fit your budget.

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Why choose A.R. Kitchen Cabinet Design

Now more than ever, homeowners are focusing on their careers and businesses. Paying attention to design and spending time to fill in the details becomes a luxury not everyone can afford, We at A.R. Kitchen Cabinet Design can be with you every step of the way from the online purchase all the way down to putting the pieces together in your home so you need not worry about getting the job done.

Make a call today, and we’d be happy to offer a complimentary design consultation for your home design needs.