Site Visit and Actual Measuring

Every home is unique, and we only wish the best outcome for it. Also after finding the perfect one for your Cebu Cabinet Furniture Maker is a temptation we want to avoid. Rest assured that no matter how big or small the area is, we can find something for you.


We can do site visits so you don’t have to go through the hassle of measuring everything. Our design team can take care of this for you depending on where you live. This is also to ensure that every inch in every corner of your home or office is accounted for so we can set you up for furniture design that really captures its character.


A kitchen or office starts with a rough idea. Since these places are where the action happens, we offer this service for free and pay careful attention to details.


Whatever the setup of the area may be, whether it’s an office, store, hotel, or home, we will discuss your requirements with you to fit your needs as well as any customers or people visiting your area. Possible storage capabilities and product recommendations are some things you can expect from us during the visit.


Our goal is to custom fit furniture to your needs while looking for more ways you can save on space.


To make sure the furniture fits your door and other areas of your home, we have a guide you can use. Some general rules of thumb include checking if the desired furniture fits the room, checking if it can fit through doorways, hallways, stairways, and elevators. This can easily be done with the use of a graphing paper, measuring tape, and a pencil.


Although you can do this yourself, you don’t have to. Feel free to contact us for complimentary assistance.