When measurements have already been taken, we now agree on your choice of cabinet design ideas or theme. If you already have a clear picture of what you want, we would love to hear all of it. If you’d like some assistance, we are more than happy to give you more options for the best designs and sit down with our team of experts in the industry.


With the design in place, we can proceed to make the most out of your space. No matter what size your home comes in, we believe it should always be a comfortable place to live in. Our team has experience in planning space for condo units, homes, and offices. We will help you get you pieces that take up half the usual space while still allowing you to enjoy full comfort.


A.R. Kitchen Cabinet Design believes that the perfect furniture setup can only be achieved with the customer’s preferences paired with some forward planning. More than anything, we cultivate trust with every transaction because we believe in the value of long-term relationships.


Office Planning

More than just planning out the space in your home, we at A.R. Kitchen Cabinet Design also service your office needs. Every company has practicality in mind when setting up office furniture. We help with planning the space so your employees can have a smooth workflow every day.


Employees normally spend more of their waking time in the office than they do at home. Knowing this, we put a priority on comfort right next to functionality. Employees that are comfortable where they work become more capable of sitting for long hours or moving around the area to get things done – perfect for various office activities or overtime.


Furniture and space will have an influence on efficiency and productivity, and for this reason, we take our job seriously to meet these company needs.