Five Considerations Before Buying Your Modular Kitchen Cabinets

In this day and age, Modular kitchens are no longer just for cooking your food. With the right modular kitchen cabinets, you can make it the heart of your home where you can entertain guests.

Getting furniture purely for functionality may not leave you satisfied with just getting functional furniture pieces. It wouldn’t hurt to incorporate some finesse to your designs while maintaining functionality. A little thought and planning can really go a long way. Modular kitchen cabinets may just be the trendy solution you need to make that warm and inviting kitchen you always wanted.

Here are some of our suggestions for transforming your kitchen into your home’s main attraction:


  1. Create a budget

Dreams are free, but a fancy kitchen is not. Plan your budget and consult your local interior designer or modular kitchen company for quick and easy tips. You can easily get the right sets of kitchen furniture with your budget with the right advice.


  1. Consider the size and shape of your kitchen

The design of your kitchen will first rely on the space and shape of your kitchen. A good general tip is to position your refrigerator, sink, and stove near each other so everything is accessible.

This is also known as the golden triangle principle. It means placing your cooking, preparation, and food storage areas strategically so they are all easily accessible.

The refrigerator can be placed near the entrance of your kitchen. This will maximize it since it will be the most frequently used equipment. Depending on the size of the kitchen, you may consider several styles. An island or U-shape style will be best suited for bigger kitchens while an L-shaped style will work for smaller ones.

If you really want that island in your kitchen, seriously consider the space together with your local modular cabinet maker or interior designer. You can also measure things by yourself using this guide.


An island kitchen layout with a white theme. Chairs are positioned by the island counter for a more inviting feel.


  1. Consider high-quality modular kitchen cabinets

Moisture can damage your furniture especially for the wooden parts. This means drawers and cabinets are particularly vulnerable to this since these are normally placed near the cooking area. It would be best to prevent oil, water, and other liquids from reaching these as these can easily stick to the furniture.

Investing in good quality materials such as Boiling Water Proof (BWP) plywood for your wooden modular kitchen cabinets will pay off in the long run. The lamination helps to prevent the moisture from seeping into the material. Another options is medium-density fibreboards (MDF). The acrylic finish helps to achieve the same effect as BWP.

Another advantage of high quality materials is their need for low maintenance. A modular kitchen should make life simpler. Low-maintenance furniture gives you exactly that. Trendy options would include stainless steel countertops, holders, and sinks.


  1. Take note of furniture height

When planning for kitchen working areas, the height of your furniture matters. It is important not only to check the height of furniture alone, but also the view. It is a good practice to maintain the visibility of the dining area when looking from a workstation. Modular kitchen cabinets are best kept functional since these can really help you save on space.

Noting the height of furniture also helps lay out your options for storage. If there is enough room, you can even compartmentalize your storage so a lot of drawers and cabinets can go in one place.

Kitchen dimensions can also be planned in terms of ergonomics. For a better understanding of how the heights affect the look and feel of your kitchen, consult your local modular kitchen cabinet maker.


  1. Plan your colors

Color has a psychology to it. Red and yellow suits a fast pace found in fastfood restaurants while blue works well for productive environments like offices. Choose wisely when planning for your kitchen colors since this will affect overall aesthetics.

To add contrast to cabinets and tiles, you can choose bright colors here and there. Whatever theme you go with, you can use the same one for the rest of the kitchen to give it an appealing look.


Do you feel there are other important tips to consider to make the most of your home? We hope you enjoyed this guide and would love to hear more from you. Feel free to send us a message through the comments below.


  • Bella Wiley

    My husband and I plan to buy outdoor kitchen cabinets, and we are opting to choose a stainless steel one to prep our kitchen for next week’s event.

    I love how you pointed out the importance of knowing and planning for kitchen operating areas; your furniture measurement also matters.
    It is essential to match not only the size of the furniture alone but also the view.

    I will show this to my husband to see how this can help us decide who and where to go and buy a cabinet for our kitchen.

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